Toddler Murdered in Havenside

November 24, 2014

A 3 year old Toddler was found dead in a home in Havenside last week following a onslaught of alleged abuse by her 51 Year old Grandmother and Gaurdian. The child who was later revealed as Jaime Faith Naidoo, sustained serious injuries to her body was found dead by a neighbour who went to assist after the granny had called for help, saying that the child was not breathing. The neighbour stated that the child had a swollen head, her ears were torn and bleeding, she had cigarette burns all over her face and body, two of her teeth were missing, her tongue was cut, her left hand was broken and swollen and her leg was swollen and her knee appeared to be dislocated. The flesh and skin from her neck was also ripped off and her fingernails and toenails seemed to be yanked with something and her nails were hanging out of her skin. Her body was swollen in places and she also had cuts to the soles of her feet.

The neighbour stated that the previous week they saw the child with visible injuries but not as severe, and that they did call Childline, who stated that they would attend to the matter, but didnt. The neighbour also stated that the mother of the child was a drug addict and sex worker, who was unfit to care for her children. The mother had allegedly already sold two of her kids previously. The grandmother was caring for 4 children at the time and all of them were always seen with visibly injuries. Calls to Childline on these incidents also fell on deaf ears.

A case of murder was opened and the grandmother was taken for questioning. And subsequently, the mother of the child was also taken in for questioning and is now being charged for murder along with the Grandmother. Members of the community have held a memorial service for the child and have demanded that justice be served on the mother and grandmother. A Facebook group was also started in memory of the little child. which is now keeping people updated on issues around the case.

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