Rich History

September 3, 2014

Very interesting history about Chatsworth and the Indian people of Durban Natal

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  1. Bazil says:

    I live I’m Cape Town for the past 40 years and was born in Asherville Durban
    My father used to take us to visit our families in various areas in Chatsworth in late 1960 and I have very fond and beautiful memories of all the awesome fun times there the delicious food and warm people
    I will cherish this memory and that of my late mother and father and special family and friends that passed on
    Wow ….such a reflection … going back to my roots
    have a lovely day all

  2. Ronald says:

    It is quite interesting, I remember my uncles and aunts telling us about how they were made to leave Magazine Barracks and relocate to Chatsworth.

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