September 16, 2014

NCOP visit to Chatsworth

A delegation from the National Council,of Provinces (NCOP) visited Chatsworth on Wednesday to listen to community concerns about service delivery.

ANC MPL Maggie Govender’s parliamentary constituency office assisted in ensuring that community organisations were represented at the meeting.

The meeting, which was held at the Chatsworth Youth Centre, was very well attended by a whole range of stakeholders including civic organisations, welfare, women and youth organisations as well as community policing structures.

All levels of government from the national, provincial and local level were present at the meeting. There were also City Officials present including the City Manager who was accompanied by a team of senior Managers.

“We are pleased to tell the community that we have present here all levels of government to listen to you so that your concerns can be addressed by the relevant structure without the buck bring passed, ” said MPL Maggie Govender.

The matters that were raised at the meeting included the high crime rate in Chatsworth, poor maintenance of roads and verges, poor or no responses from City officials to correspondence from civic organisations, the need for speed humps on busy roads and the mushrooming of informal settlements.

People at the meeting complained bitterly about the non-attendance of elected councillors at civic and CPF meetings.
“How can these councillors speak for us when they do not even attend meetings to hear what we are saying?” said a visibly frustrated resident. Other community members demanded to know where or to whom they could report errant councillors

The Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Nomvuso Shabalala, who is currently the Acting Mayor, thanked the people for raising their issues frankly and honestly. She told residents that the Ethekwini Speaker, Cllr. Logie Naidoo was responsible for ensuring that Councillors did the work that they were elected to do. She encouraged people to report errant councillors to the Speaker who would then follow up on their complaints. She also advised people to forward their complaints to her office as well.
Cllr. Shabalala said that she would call a follow up meeting between community representatives and senior officials from the main departments in the municipality to discuss the matters that had been raised with a view to resolving them. ANC MPL Maggie Govender said that this meeting would be co-ordinated jointly by her office and the office of the Deputy Mayor. The meeting would be held before the end of October and would also be attended by City and relevant provincial government officials.

Devan Pillay from the Mobeni Heights Civic Association said, “This is a good initiative. Government is coming to listen to the people’s concerns and this is what democracy is about. Hopefully we will see some positive results. We look forward to the next meeting.”
The community is advised to contact 031- 4033604 or call in at the MPL Maggie Govender’s parliamentary constituency office at Office 14 , Ayesha Centre should they want to be informed of the details of the follow up meeting.

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  1. Ronald says:

    Nice to see something like this actually happening. Maggie Govender, maybe you could post the contact details for the Ethekwini Speaker, Cllr Logie Naidoo and possibly the contact details for Cllr, Shabalal’s office on here, so that people can actually use the communication platform being opened to them?

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