Legends Of The Tide – Book Launch

October 9, 2014

LEGENDS OF THE TIDE tells the odyssey of the amazing Durban Seine-netter community who launched the local fishing industry in 1865 from the shores of Salisbury Island, in the middle of the harbour.

The book charts their mammoth struggle to fish on the beaches of Durban. They were eventually moved to Chatsworth in the early 1960’s – 25km from their beloved fishing grounds – and it was here in Havenside and Montford where their historic enterprise was finally wrecked by the Apartheid regime.

This beautiful 248 page coffee-table-style book is printed on photographic quality paper in varnished duotone and section sewn for durability. It contains over 250 rare photographs and so many untold stories. It also features a complete account of the Padavatan Six Rescue where 175 people where plucked from Umgeni River Flood in a single ‘banana-boat.’ Other highlights include the whaling station on the Bluff, the Durban Shark Fishing Club, the Sardine Run, and the culture of angling.

For those who come from the community there are many treats tucked within the pages – including the genealogy tables of some pioneer families, profiles and features of colourful personalities, their achievements in sports, culture and education. There is also an in-depth look at the life of the Seine-netters in Salisbury Island, Fynnlands, the Village, Bluff, Bayside and Chatsworth.

Witness the heroic deeds of a group of six fishermen who rescued 175 market gardeners from drowning when the Umgeni River burst its banks. Revel in the past glories of a community that produced sporting heroes, build their schools, magnificent temples and colonial wood and iron mansions on stilts in the wetlands. Also included is a rare glimpse at the Durban land-based shark fishing enterprise, where anglers fought epic battles with 1000 lbs Great Whites using rod and reel. Also included: Durban Whaling, Sardine Run, Geneologies, and many more.

The book is available at a special launch price of R350 for the paperback edition and R450 for the hardcover edition.

Please note this is a limited first edition print run and books are sold on a first come first serve basis. Do not miss this opportunity to own a piece of Durban’s secret history!

The launch of Legends of the Tide will take place at the ABH – TN Bhoola Hall, 80 Arena Park Drive, Chatsworth at 12:30pm on Sunday the 26th October 2014.

For more information on the launch, sales outside of KZN or to pre-order the book please contact the publishers Rebel Rabble.
Telephone Nireshnee on 031 825 7427 or 078 593 0585 or
Email: nireshnee@jetty.co.za

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