Hanuman Picture turns into Jesus Christ Picture

September 23, 2014

In Croftdene, Chatsworth a family was in awe after they discovered a picture frame of Hanuman, that was hoisted on their Jhunda Pole, changed into a picture of Jesus Christ. The “miracle” became a major topic and began to draw crowds of people to the home. Some staunch believers in Christ came along to bear testament to the miracle, while many others just came to satisfy their curiosity.

It was eventually discovered though that the pictures were printed over each other, and in fact began to peel off, revealing the pictures from below due to the effects of the weather. It was further discovered, that beneath the picture of Christ was a picture of Lord Shiva. The property owner, Terrence Pillay believes that this miracle is in fact an indication that God is One, just worshiped in different forms.

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